Orange is sus, vote him out

AOC streamed on Twitch for the first time ever today, playing Among Us with some of the top Twitch streamers, plus Ilhan Omar (a fellow Congresswoman, from MN) and Ilhan’s daughter Isra Hirsi, an activist. Apparently the whole thing came together in just one day; I was lucky enough to find out about it a half hour in advance and I got to watch the whole thing.

Immensely great fun. Plus it put AOC in the top 10 all-time streams with the most viewers on her first stream (!) with about 440k viewers at the peak.

Here’s a 10-minute highlight reel and a 2-minute highlight reel (which, combined, cover most of my favorite moments) and here’s the full broadcast on Twitch.

Fun facts: For all her encouragement to vote, AOC almost never tries to vote someone out; Ilhan is a prolific killer; and Isra is awesome at the game.

pidgin country @rorysaur