what a lovely day!

Man, I forgot how mindblowingly good Max Max: Fury Road is, and how much I loved it when it first came out. I remembered it all of a sudden when thinking about movie correlates to the smoke-filled skies, blighted landscape, and water shortages here in California. (See my post on climate migration for more doom.) Blade Runner 2049 was a clear one and Fury Road is another.

If you’re interested in revisiting the movie, may I suggest looking into the Black and Chrome edition, which came out in 2017. Having seen it, I prefer the original, as the color was absolutely one of the things I loved about the movie; but the Black and Chrome is definitely a distinct experience.

Either way, pairs well with Cormac McCarthy’s The Road if you want to stay in the nuclear-winter-desolate-wasteland mood.


pidgin country @rorysaur